PNL S507-CAC – Panels with CAC Probe, for Water Disinfection


STEIEL offers a wide range of “turnkey” solutions, including instrument and measurement sensors assembled on panel.

The more complex systems are also equipped with an adjustment dosing pump and / or data recording / managing device.

This series has been designed for the analysis (and control) of disinfectant concentration in water, with a membrane closed amperometric cell, which – depending on model – allows to measure the level of chlorine (active, available, total; even in sea water), chlorine dioxide, bromine, peracetic acid, chlorite, ozone, hydrogen peroxide.

These systems are widely used in the purification, sanitation and continuous disinfection of water distribution systems and networks.


  • Panel with four holes for wall mounting
  • Panel dimensions:
    • 500 x 600 mm, without pump
    • 595 x 750 mm, with one pump
    • 900 x 700 mm, with two pumps
  • Customizable graphic layout on request
  • The basic system includes:
    • S507-CAC instrument with input configured for the specific CAC cell
    • CAC series cell, closed amperometric, with selective membrane and specific electrolyte;
      thermo-compensated readings thanks to the inbuilt temperature sensor
    • Optional Pt100 temperature probe, for temperature displaying
    • Flow-through, methacrylate probe holder with inlet flow regulation, proximity sensor, and sampling outlet
    • Filter with mesh cartridge
  • Depending on the application needs, these panels can be also equipped with dosing pump(s)
  • Upon request, the RW14 supervisor is available, for remote managing through RS232 serial line





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