LEGION 3+M – Panel-Assembled System for Legionella Prevention


The LEGION 3+M panel is part of the LEGION line by STEIEL and has been designed for the constant and complete disinfection of the sanitary hot water circuits, for Legionella prevention.
The biocide analysis system allows a precise and guaranteed dosage for the entire time of use, compensating for any loss of title of the dosed product.
This solution is suitable for treatment both on the cold water circuit and on the mixed hot water.
It is suitable for dosing a biocide and a protective product of the hydraulic circuit proportionally to the flow rate of the water to be treated, by means of two specific multifunctional pumps.
Inoltre questa versione prevede una terza pompa per un secondo dosaggio di prodotto biocida, monitorato e controllato da uno specifico strumento di misura, dotato di sensore amperometrico in grado di lavorare ad elevate temperature e in pressione.
The biocide dosing pumps feature self-bleeding head and reinforced diaphragm, resistant to chlorine dioxide or other oxidant.
The analysis system allows to check operating anomalies, such as dirt or failure of the measurement sensor, breaks or leaks on the biocide product dosing line.
The standard version is supplied with accessories to dose a biocide stored in hermetic drums; in case of product stored in normal tanks, order a suitable suction lance.


  • Panel 700 x 900 mm, with four holes for wall mounting, including:
    • S507 instrument to monitor the biocide concentration
    • Amperometric sensor to measure chlorine or chlorine dioxide in hot water, assembled in a flow-type probe-holder with inlet flow regulation, proximity sensor, temperature probe with PT100 sensor, sampling outlet for analysis
    • Filter with steel mesh, 50 µm
    • Three multifunctional dosing pumps, mounted on brackets with rotating support
  • Two pumps for biocide dosing, PSP161-PKTT, featuring:
    • “full PTFE” diaphragm and self-bleeding head
    • Flow Control sensor, assembled on a special mounting support
    • Injection valve and PTFE dosing hose (10 m)
  • Pump for filming product dosing, PSP161-PKT, featuring:
    • Flow Control sensor directly assembled on the delivery valve
    • Suction / injection / discharge hoses, injection valve, suction lance for 25/50 L tank
  • All pumps are equipped with an alarm relay, for dosing anomalies signalling
  • Junction box with signal splitter
  • Two bottles for the correct disposal of the biocide
  • On request, the RW14 remote control system is available, which allows remote management of the individual unit, connected via RS232 serial line
  • For applications with sample water recovery, a special panel is available, with recovery pump, valves and pressure gauges




Manuale Tecnico, Manuale tecnico Legion3+M 23 February 2022



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